By now business owners are receiving their rendition forms for filing their 2018 BPP renditions to their appraisal districts. Remember, these are now due by

April 1, 2018.



New property tax laws were passed and went into effect in 2017. The new laws have several direct areas of change to Texas property taxes, but the most important change is the area of Binding Arbitration for Business Personal Property and Real Property. The cap now for non residential property is $ 5,000,000.







Do not forget about Section 41A Texas Property Code, binding arbitration for real and personal property. This procedure is a very valuable tool for the property owner and should not be ignored.



Call us for more details on this item, as there is a time limit after the appraisal review board’s order.







Specific services offered to assist you in your property tax planning include:


Preparation of business personal property renditions

Preparation and presentation of property protest

Preparation and representation in binding arbitration

Analysis of client’s business and training internal staff to prepare renditions

Analysis and training client to present protests to Appraisal Review Board

Assistance in selection of arbitrator in binding arbitration hearings

Analysis of property tax issues in property acquisitions or purchases

Assistance in preparation of Schedule of Real Property Purchase Price Allocation on properties purchased





Best wishes on property tax planning!




Steve M. Spencer, CPA